Salient Features
Requires very little space.
Eliminates the need for elaborate foundation and pump house arrangements.
Noiseless running of the motor.
Can be installed in difficult sites - in narrow curves or slanting boreholes or in confined conditions.
Easy installation and removal, especially in deep boreholes.
Suitable for sites where a pumphouse is not desired or cannot be built.
Pumping system can be made fully automatic.
Very sturdy motor, insensitive to voltage fluctuation, unlike normal electric motors.
Reduced H P loses due to transmission.
No contamination of water by oil or grease .
Borewell, openwell, reservoir and river beds.
Domestic, Industrial & Rural water supply.
Irrigation schemes.
Drip irrigation scheme.
Sprinkler irrigation system.
High-rise building.
Small Scale industries.
Stud Farms.
Bungalows, Housing Colonies.
AMRUT Submersible Pumpset are available for 100 mm to 300 mm dia borewells from 0.5 HP to 150 HP for various head and discharge
Material Of Construction
Pump Casing components C.I. IS 210FG200
Impellers Bronze
Pump shaft Stainless Steel
Bearing Bushes Leader bronze or Engineering Rubber
Snaff Sleeve Stainless Steel
Motor Casing Seamless Steel Tube