uPVC Plain & Ribbed
Screen Casing Pipe
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Maximum ambient temperature 70 C.
Maximum installation depth 250m for CM series and 80m for CS series.
Installation: Vertical, Horizontal or Inclined.
Bore-well casing, irrigation, domestic, industrial mining, chemical distribution.
A wise replacement for MS, ERW, G.I., Asbestos and Cement and stainless steel Pipes.
uPVC is nearly inert towards corrosion, chemical reaction and due to which, it is ideally used in salty, sandy and chemically aggresive water withouty any effect over the years.
Since uPVC pipes are lighter, provide ease of handling, transportation and installation.
Typical installation is shown in figure, for proper installation refer our installation manual.
Specification followed: IS 12818:1992
Surface Finish of this pipe is extremely smooth which reduces the hydrolic friction.
Internal and External threaded & bell spigot ends for easy and reliable jointing.
Ribbed screen pipes are used especially ehwn outer surface area of bore-well casing pipe is increased. These ribs provide around 25% of additional surface area by virtue of its design. Beside that if hole gravel balls away from the pipe at a distance of about 2 mm. This arrangement naturally cleans slits due to vertical flow passage and allows more water to seep in, resulting in higher yeild than other plain screen pipes from same bore.