High Pressure uPVC
Plumbing Pipe
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Properties remain unchanged upto temperature 600C continuous and 900C for short time.
Size 15 mm (0.5") to 100 mm (4")
(Available in SCH-40, SCH-80 & SCH-120)
Specifications followed : As per ASTM-D-1785
Building Construction :
These Pipes are useful to provide water connections to bathrooms, Kitchen sinks, washbasins and Laboratories.
Portable Water supply :
It can be used in complexes, individual houses, flats, offices, Hotels, hospitals and bus stations, Railway stations & airports.
Industrial Applications :
Distribution of milk, chemicals and gas in dairy plants & industries. Agriculture, telecommunication, Project etc.
Joining Instruction

Use of Teflon tape recommended to avoid damage and subsequent leakage. Can also be jointed with metal pipes and fittings. No special equipment required. Lesser time consuming than metal pipes.

Silent Features
Resistance to corrosion Inert to Chemicals
Low frictional Loss Quick and Easy Jointing
Non-Toxic Flexibility
Weather Resistance Light Weight
Smooth Internal Surface Self Extinguishing
Tough and Strong Moisture Proof
Durability Wear and abrasion Resistance
Impact Resistance Good Thermal and electrical Insulation
Maintenance free
Termite Proof