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We offer pressure pumps, which are stainless steel multistage pumps.
Pumping of clean non-loaded fluids in the domestic,agricultural and industrial sectors.
Pressurizing systems.
Drinking and glycol water.
Closed coupled and compact.
Excellent efficiency that allows a reduction of running cost and powers.
Over-dimensioned bearings for longer life of the machines.
Intermediate shaft guiding stage for concentricity of rotation.
Capacity : up to 26m3/h.
Total Head : up to 78m.
Maximum working pressure : 10Bar.
Maximum suction Head up to 7 m.
Maximum liquid temperature : from -15 to 50C.
Ambient temperature : up to 40C.
2 Pole induction Motor.
Single phase 230V-50Hz(+/_ 5%)with thermal protector.
Insulation class F.
Protection degree IP 54.
Pump body: Cjrp,p-Nickel steel AISI 304.
Impellers:Noryl reinforced with fiber glass (GFN2V).
Diffusers:Noryl reinforced with fiber glass (GFN2V).
Mechanical seal disc holder: AISI 304 Chrome-Nickel steel.
Motor bracket Aluminum alloy.
Pump shaft:AISI 304 Chromo-Nickel steel.
Mechanical seal:Ceramic-Graphite up to 6 stages Graphite-Silicon carbide from 6 stages.
Intermediate shaft guiding stage bush: Brass - AISI 304.
Chromo-Nickel steel.
Pump body Gasket : HNBR.